Managing digital resources is central to any education or training strategy. Organisations need to make the most of their digital resources by ensuring they are discoverable, available, adaptable and usable in all contexts.


intraLibrary is Intrallect’s digital repository and, through its extensive connectivity, is a natural choice around which organisations build integrated infrastructures for education and training.

intraLibrary can store all types of digital files. Images, documents, media2presentations, audio and video. Formats specific to education such as IMS, SCORM content packages and QTI (Question and Test Interoperability) files are also included. By storing all these files in one shared repository they can be easily discovered and used from this single resource.

A built-in workflow editor means that resources can be prepared and described consistently. Workflows can also support review stages in which peer-review can be undertaken. intraLibrary can be integrated easily with many systems in your organisation’s infrastructure.

intraLibrary has in-depth integration with Moodle. Users create the digital resource which is uploaded, stored securely and embedded into the Moodle course. The new content is then available for others to use in their courses. When users search for resources through Moodle they can easily discover all content created by their colleagues. Uploading, searching and general use is through the standard Moodle interface, so no additional work processes are required for course creators.

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