Voice Biometrics

Identico (the voice biometrics division of Intrallect) is a leading system and application integrator in the area of voice biometric software solutions. This, along with our web based workforce management system, can be integrated into your existing technical environments to reduce costs, improve customer experience and add an extra level of cyber security. Identico has developed a voice biometrics ‘password reset’ solution that is successfully deployed in over 6 large corporate environments.

Other innovative solutions developed by Identico include ‘gender and fraud’ detection services, identity verification for online tests and document and process security to ensure that ‘hackers’ have a sophisticated hurdle which improves cyber resilience.


Headquartered in Edinburgh, our team of voice biometric engineers, application architects, developers and professional services personnel have been working together since 2010.

Identico solutions provide:

  • A voice solution platform for enabling unified communications
  • An enrolment platform for voice and other forms of biometrics
  • An authentication interface which allows voice verification to be added to any existing application
  • A mobile toolkit to enable voice biometric enrolment and verification to be added to any application using voice And unified communications to deliver identity as a service

Visit the Identico website for more information, call us on +44 131 292 0100 or contact us to arrange a meeting.