LTI integration at Intrallect

LTI, or Learning Tools Interoperability, is an e-learning web standard used to connect systems such as LMSs (LTI Consumers) with external services (LTI Tool Providers). Being a widely adopted standard (with support in Blackboard, Canvas, Moodle, Desire2Learn, Sakai, ANGEL, Jenzabar, Haiku, Schoology, Etudes and others), it’s the perfect mechanism to leverage when building e-learning tools.

The first version of LTI was created in 2010 by the IMS Global Learning Consortium. It has since then received a lot of attention in the e-learning community, and has been updated with new features along the way. A notable version is LTI 1.1, released in 2011, which includes support for outcomes services – a method of enabling the LTI Tool Provider to send ‘results’ (such as grades) back to the LTI Consumer.

At Intrallect we have recently added LTI support to DALO, an assessment platform that we built for our customer Wonderlic. This allows any major LMS to leverage the rich assessment content that DALO has to offer, in a simple and seamless way. We are also excited to extend our intraLibrary product with LTI support sometime in the near future; however, we are still exploring what the best integration experience would be.

If you’re using intraLibrary and would like to access it via LTI, please contact us or drop us a tweet!