Improving your workforce management

Workforce management. Any good at it? Our sister company, Intech Software are.

They’ve been doing it for years and they’ve used all their experience to produce one of the best, most comprehensive workforce management solutions on the market. In fact, it’s industry leading.

Workforce management is a business process that maximises your employee efficiency and optimises the productivity and performance of your key asset – people. The process of managing people has evolved considerably over the years, from paper-based scheduling to spreadsheets to secure web-based systems packed with useful features. Sure, today’s systems still aim to improve employee time management, but they do so much more. Being web-based, you can access your workforce system from a computer, smartphone or tablet device connected to the Internet, but also:

  • Forecast workloads and re-allocate staff accordingly
  • Reduce administration costs and improve time and attendance
  • Directly manage customer accounts and position the appropriate teams
  • Analyse and monitor entire work processes in real-time
  • Manage employee subsistence and travel costs
  • Access invoicing and payment data instantly

Just a few of the key benefits your business could really use if you’re finding it more and more difficult to keep your employee roster in check.

As cost pressures increase, businesses have turned their attention to human resources. In personnel-intensive industries, workforce management is a vitally important strategic element, with healthcare seeing some of the biggest growth.

Intech’s ROMA Care solution has been specifically developed for the domiciliary care industry by people who work in the industry. Intech understand that care providers work in different ways, so ROMA Care enables you to work more efficiently and productively

With direct voice biometric integration from Intrallect, including finger and face recognition on mobile devices, you can be sure that access to your data is ultra safe.

Intech also develop workforce management for the security industry and many other sectors, so check them out and let them help you streamline your employee processes.

For more information visit the Intech Software website or call +44 1543 543032. You can also contact us at Intrallect to arrange a meeting.