Why Bother with Voice Biometrics?

Identico (the voice biometrics division of Intrallect) is a leading system and application integrator in the area of voice biometric software solutions.

We have built bespoke voice biometrics solutions for clients including Atos and Getronics and rolling out to their clients and integrated with ServiceNow.

So, why bother with voice biometrics?

The Customer Experience

Customers like it! Yes, the ‘customer experience’ is very positive and brand enhancing.

Being able to securely by-pass the huge memory game of your mother’s maiden name, where you were born and being able to be securely identified more easily makes the customers feel valued and important.

The competition is using this to improve their brand image!

It Saves Money

Basic transactions in the Contact Centre world can be securely automated such as:

  1. I’ve forgotten my Password – especially after Bank Holidays!
  2. What’s the balance of my account?
  3. It’s late at night and the IT Services Department have gone home for the night

These can all be automated, saving substantial costs, leaving your people doing the important jobs.

It’s More Secure

There are password engines that can fire over 4 billion (yes billion!) password reset attempts per second, so you shouldn’t be surprised by the ease in which agencies can bypass this security level and get into the ‘crown jewels’.

But suppose documents and other sensitive material had a voice biometrics lock on that information? Users must use their voice to pass checks, leaving it virtually impossible for even the best impersonator to gain access. If the system ‘smells a rat’ it will fire an alert back to a human to interrogate the individual.

We can also authenticate gender as a cyber check and verify who are on high security voice calls when people from all over the world are sharing sensitive information.

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