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Why Bother with Voice Biometrics?

Identico (the voice biometrics division of Intrallect) is a leading system and application integrator in the area of voice biometric software solutions. We have built bespoke voice biometrics solutions for clients including Atos and Getronics and rolling out to their clients and integrated with ServiceNow. So, why bother with voice biometrics?


LTI integration at Intrallect

LTI, or Learning Tools Interoperability, is an e-learning web standard used to connect systems such as LMSs (LTI Consumers) with external services (LTI Tool Providers). Being a widely adopted standard (with support in Blackboard, Canvas, Moodle, Desire2Learn, Sakai, ANGEL, Jenzabar, Haiku, Schoology, Etudes and others), it’s the perfect mechanism to leverage when building e-learning tools.